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    Earlier this year I discovered that the Conservative/Lib Dem government were reviewing the future location of the CEFAS laboratories, considering moving them away from Lowestoft. They hadn't announced this publicly.

    When the government announced the closure of Blundeston Prison, I challenged David Cameron to call off the CEFAS review and confirm it would stay in Lowestoft. He refused.

    Now I hear that it's very likely that CEFAS will move to Norwich.

    Please join me in sending a blunt message to Cameron.

    Don't kick our town and it's people in the teeth again.

    Don't abandon us.

    Keep CEFAS in Lowestoft.

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    Following last week's shock announcement of the proposed closure of Blundeston Prison, Bob Blizzard has sent a letter to David Cameron, asking him to look at the wider issues, to review the decision of the Ministry of Justice and give an assurance that the government will not move the CEFAS laboratories out of Lowestoft because of the effects of the loss of these government jobs in both establishments on the local economy. 

    Bob Blizzard said, "Someone has to stand up for the prison and our local area. I believe that if the wider picture of the impact on our local economy is considered, Blundeston should stay open, as the staff were previously promised."


    Rt. Hon. David Cameron MP

    The Prime Minister

    10 Downing Street


    SW1 2AA


    Dear Mr Cameron


    Your government’s decision to close Blundeston Prison has been met with shock, dismay and anger by our community, the more so because of the manner of its execution, with staff called to an early morning meeting on Wednesday 5th September to be told the prison would close by the end of the year.


    Prison staff had previously been told that efficiency targets, which they have met, would secure the future of Blundeston. Work had begun on installing sanitation into cells and other building improvement work was being carried out as the closure announcement was made. The local community does not understand what suddenly changed such that the prison has now been deemed unfit to continue operating beyond the end of the year.


    I am writing to you rather than the Ministry of Justice because I believe that this department has only taken a narrow view of the subject, focussing only on its own budget rather than taking into account the wider picture. I would request that you review this decision in order to consider the wider implications for our community and the public purse of closing a major source of work in an area of high unemployment. Apart from the loss of over 220 jobs of those in direct employment, the further impact on the local supply chain and the removal of millions of pounds of wages will have a disastrous impact on the local economy. The consequences of higher welfare payments and the loss of tax revenues for the government should surely form part of the equation.


    Your government has previously said it wants to regenerate the Lowestoft area and has designated some land as an enterprise zone. This will be undermined by the government removing hundreds of jobs it has directly provided as an employer at the prison. More public money will now be required if regeneration is to be achieved despite the impact of the prison closure.


    We discovered earlier this year that the government is considering relocating the CEFAS laboratories (the other main source of direct government employment) out of Lowestoft.


    Can you now please confirm that CEFAS will remain in Lowestoft and will you review the decision regarding Blundeston Prison?


    Many thanks for your attention to this matter.


    Yours sincerely,




    Bob Blizzard

    Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Waveney

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  • signed Beccles Post Office 2012-06-16 06:00:30 +0100


    To: Anglian Coop and Post Office Ltd

    RE: Proposed closure of Beccles Post Office

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    We, the undersigned, petition The Anglian Coop and Post Office Ltd to keep open the post office in the Coop store at the bottom of Rigbourne Hill.

    Several years ago, when Beccles Crown Post Office was closed and replaced by an inadequate facility at the back of what is now WH Smith in New Market, the queues became totally unacceptable. 

    If the Rigbourne Hill post office now closes we will be going backwards again to even longer queues in WH Smith. This is an issue for the whole of Beccles.

    This post office is greatly valued by people in the area it serves. A way must be found to keep it open.

    For more information, click here.


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  • commented on CU #2 April 2012 2012-04-10 09:28:29 +0100
    very good you seem to have all the areas covered that others seem to want to forget about, business are moveing out of the area so jobs are also going perhaps it’s because of the inferstructure nothing can move around here, so any manufacturing item that has to move by road has a problem. Good luck.

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