Bob's Best for Waveney

#BackBob on Thursday 7th May




Under the Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition, things are getting worse in Waveney:

  • Unemployment is on the rise again, and long term youth unemployment was up 84% last  year. There are now 8 people chasing every  vacancy. With Labour, unemployment fell from 11.5% to 3% and stayed at that level for six years. We need a plan for jobs and growth.

  • The government is forcing our local NHS to cut £50m from its £400m budget. The James Paget is having to cut £20m, and 54 nursing posts have been left unfilled. The number of patients waiting more than 18 weeks for treatment has risen 143% since May 2010. But £15.5m is being wasted on the government’s reorganisation of the NHS which will prepare the way for privatisation. We need to protect our NHS.

  • Pensioners have seen their Winter Fuel Allowance cut by £50 (£100 cut for over 80s) just when gas and electric bills are soaring

Waveney deserves better

I believe:

  • We should fight for a third crossing for Lowestoft, not be fobbed off with a pointless footbridge – a waste of £6 million.

  • We should make sure our children have the standards they deserve in existing schools. Instead, millions are to be spent on Beccles ‘Free School’ that has only attracted interest from a few parents - £millions wasted

  • We should promote our area as a centre for renewable energy to bring us jobs and prevent rising sea levels – instead of being designated  by the government as the ONLY place in Britain for oil tanker transfers at sea. A real threat to our tourism industry – could cost us millions

  • We should support our police and not make 20% funding cuts, with a loss of police officers  which will lead to rising crime again. We had record police numbers with Labour and crime fell by 35%

To win again, I need your here

The Tories spent millions to win last time. We only have our own efforts. If you support me, please can you register as a supporter, and:

  • Endorse me

  • Volunteer to help deliver leaflets in your area and help contact other voters 

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We have unfinished business. Join me in the fight for Waveney's future.



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